Atomic Tangerine

With its high-end construction and innovative features, the Atomic Tangerine goalkeeper glove by Lupus is worthy of the attention of professional goalkeepers. The ultimate atomic vibe is achieved by the combination of fiery orange and sleek black patterns. The Atomic Tangerine is the ideal glove for every skill level because of its excellent grip and snug design. The Atomic Tangerine is a must-have for those crucial moments in a game. Lupus Series – gloves that give you the power to perform.
Available Size
5 – 11 inch
Customization Options
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  • Grip: 4mm Pro-Grade German Contact Latex:

    Grip: Constructed from 4mm Pro-Grade New Basic Latex,  the glove provides an excellent grip that will help you secure the ball when making saves. It works wonderfully in any weather but performs best when the glove is slightly dampened in dry conditions. The Dynamic Grip material on the inside of the glove sticks to your hand once it’s warmed up, so it won’t slide off your hand.

  • Palm: Negative Cut

    Design:  The palm of the Atomic tangerine is a negative cut that provides a comfortable and secure fit. It’s ergonomically sound and thoughtfully crafted to fit your hand perfectly. Your ability to catch and keep hold of the ball will be greatly enhanced by the palm’s superior grip.

  • Backhand: Padded and Comfortable Neoprene Body

    Construction: The backhand of this pro-grade goalie glove is made from padded and comfortable neoprene. This material stretches to provide a snug fit while still allowing you a full range of motion. The neoprene also helps protect your hand from impacts, making this an ideal choice for those who play on artificial turf or hard surfaces.

  • Wrist: Robust Single Elastic Velcro Strap

    Closure:  The wrist of Atomic tangerine glove is secured with a single elastic strap that can be adjusted to your desired tightness. The Velcro closure ensures a snug and secure fit that won’t slip during play.

  • Fit: Snug and Comfortable Fit

    Ideal Fitting:  This goalie glove has a snug and comfortable fit that won’t slip during play. It is anatomically correct and thoughtfully designed to provide a secure and comfortable fit for all hand sizes.

  • Exclusive Style: With 3D Gel Inject Printing

    Style: The atomic tangerine is one of the most kickings swaggers of the Lupus series because of its dynamic electro orange and black combo, 3D Gel Inject printing, and rakish designs; it can easily be any goalie’s hot choice.

  • All Weather Resistance: Hot/Wet/Cold

    The glove is made from premium quality latex that is resistant to all weather conditions. Whether you’re playing in the heat of summer or the cold of winter, this glove will perform at its best.