White Dragon on the land, Azazel -the premium goalkeeper glove that will make you feel like an all-conquering dragon! If you’re looking for a glove that gives you the confidence to dominate your opponents, this is the one for you. Made from premium materials, Draco – Azazel is built to last. It provides excellent grip and protection, so you can trust it to perform in any situation. Whether you’re keeping out shots in a big match or training hard for the season ahead, this glove will help you reach your full potential.
Available Size
5 – 11 inch
Customization Options
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  • Front Palm – Negative Cut With Latex Gusset Material

    Design: The palm of the glove has a negative cut design which means the latex wraps around your fingers for a snug fit, while the latex gusset material provides extra protection and support to the back of your hand.

  • Grip – Pro-Grade Contact Latex 4mm

    Considered the ‘Gold Standard latex’, Contact Latex is loved by many professional goalkeepers on game days because it offers superior grip in dry playing conditions and excellent ball control in wet weather. In addition, it has decent durability, solid shot absorption and cushioning, and a superb, pro-grade grip due to its tackiness.

  • Backhand – Dumbo Latex With 3D Gel Inject Punch Zone

    Construction – The backhand of the glove is made from Dumbo latex which is a high-quality, durable material that offers excellent protection. The 3D gel inject punch zone helps to absorb impact and reduce vibration, making it ideal for those who like to save shots with power.

  • Finger Protection – Single Thumb Wrap

    Single Thumb Wrap: The single thumb wrap provides extra protection to your thumb while still allowing you to move your fingers freely.

  • Wrist – Adjustable Single Dumbo Latex Strap

    Closure – The glove has an adjustable single Dumbo latex strap that fastens securely around your wrist, giving you a snug, comfortable fit.

  • Internal HQ foam 7mm padding

    Padding – The glove has internal HQ foam padding, which helps to absorb impact and reduce vibration. This makes it ideal for those who like to save shots with power.

  • Fit: Snug Fitting

    The glove has a snug fitting which means it will fit closely to your hand for a comfortable, natural feel.

  • All Weather Resistance

    Resistance: You can use this glove in any weather, although the latex will work better if damp. It can be used in damp and dry environments; just remember to wet it to set off the chemicals in the latex.


5 – 11 inch

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Pakistan, USA

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