What qualities does a good goalkeeper need to have? Strength, quickness, and Conifer.”

One of the most unique and visually stunning pair of Doom-Call series, Conifer’s style is unmatched.

In addition to its stunning appearance, Conifer provides optimal care and comfort to the goalie’s hands with its ideal grip, popular roll finger cut, weather resistance, and breathable neoprene body. The colors and design of Conifer were motivated by the splendor of nature and evergreen saplings to convey the strength and resilience of our goalie gloves. Its stunning color and urban design are sure to please any goalkeeper in action.

Available Size
5 – 11 inch
Customization Options
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  • Grip: Pro-Grade German Contact Latex 4mm

    Grip: The 4mm advanced German contact latex used in this glove gives it ultimate support and enhanced stickiness. Latex is also used in the palm and fingers of the glove for pro-level grip.

  • Palm – Gecko Flat Cut

    Design: The palm of the glove is designed with a Gecko Flat Cut. This cut provides a snug, comfortable fit, and excellent grip.

  • Backhand Ultra Light Weight and Breathable Neoprene Body

    Construction: The glove’s backhand is constructed with lightweight and breathable neoprene. This material helps to keep your hand cool and dry during use. Additionally, the incorporation of air mesh in strategic areas results in enhanced mobility and dexterity.

  • Wrist Strap: Sturdy Single Elastic Strap with New Basic Latex

    Closure: The wrist of the glove is secured with a single, sturdy elastic strap. This strap is adjustable to ensure a snug, comfortable fit. New basic latex is used at the base of the wrist for added support.

  • Finger Protection: Thumb Wrap Design

    Finger Protection: The thumb wrap design of this glove offers protection to the fingers and thumb while still allowing for a natural range of motion.

  • Exclusive Urban Style – With New Basic Latex Embossed

    Style: The style and hues of Conifer is enough to set the turf on fire. The red and white color scheme with an embossed logo is the perfect complement to your game.

  • All Weather Resistance – Hot/Cold/Wet

    Weather Resistance:   This glove is designed to perform in all weather conditions. Hot or cold, dry or wet, this glove will provide the same level of grip and comfort.