Rumado | Goalkeeper Glove Cut Guide 


Negative Cut

The negative cut is a popular style in the goalkeeper gloves collection. Negative cut gloves have a tight and snug fit. The fingers of negative cut gloves are stitched on the inside of the glove, creating a tight and natural feel on the ball. Negative cut gloves offer more control over the ball as compared to other cuts. 

Flat Cut

Flat-cut gloves are an all-time classic and one of the first cuts introduced for these types of gloves. Flat cuts have a looser fit as compared to negative-cut gloves. The fingers of flat-cut gloves are stitched on the outside of the glove, giving it a more relaxed feel but offering less control over the ball. 

Rolled Finger Cut

Rolled finger gloves offer a happy medium between flat-cut and negative-cut gloves. The fingers of these gloves are stitched on the inside of the glove, similar to negative-cut gloves. However, they have an additional layer of latex that is rolled around the fingers, giving the glove a more relaxed feel. 

VG3 Cut

The Vapor glove 3 or VG3 cut is a new style of hybrid cut gloves that is slowly gaining popularity. In Grip3 technology, foam is wrapped around the thumb, forefinger, and little finger to provide a more secure grasp on the object being held. It provides ventilation, comfort, and the appropriate grip and ball control.

Gecko Cut:

The Gecko cut is a new addition to the goalie gloves market. With additional finger room, this Gecko cut gives top-notch comfort, feel, and ball control. In this style of glove, the middle two fingers and palm are unstitched. Also, this latest cut provides less tearing and a roll-finger feel with a perfect snug fit.

Roll Finger Negative Cut

With the Negative cut goalie gloves, you get a perfect blend of negative and roll finger comfort, fit, and feel. The interior of the palm is sewn like a negative glove, but the fingers are rolled like any other roll finger glove. If you like a tight fit and prefer negative gloves, this combination will provide you with a superior fit and more latex grip with the ball.

Gecko Flat Cut:

Flat Gecko is a relatively new addition to goalkeeper glove styles, but it’s already changed the game. The flat gecko cut’s embossed palm creases are one of its most unique and amazing features. Folds are designed where your hand naturally rests when catching, providing maximum bending. This reduces catching resistance and improves your control.

Medius Cut:

The Medius cut is another amazing hybrid of the negative and roll finger cuts. It combines the tight fit of the negative with the rolling effect of the fingers for a unique feel. The Medius is designed for goalkeepers who want a snug fit but don’t want to sacrifice comfort or grip.

Total Flare Cut:

This cut is a combination of flat and flared outer roll fingers. In this cut, There is more latex covering on important places in the ball’s middle, while flared outer fingers give a larger spread in areas where there is less of the ball to hold. Described as a “regular” fit, this glove is comfortable and does not feel too tight or too loose.

Extension Cut:

The extension cut is a newer style of glove that is becoming more popular amongst pro-goalies. The base pattern engineering used in this cut creates extra extension with just the right snug fit and feel while providing ball control, grip and comfort to hands.

Cresco Cut:

The Cresco cut is a new hybrid style of glove that combines the best features of both roll finger and flat palm gloves. The palm area is flat, while the fingers are sewn on the inside of the glove, similar to roll finger gloves. This provides a snug fit while still giving the goalkeeper good control over the ball.